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This department assists residents in submitting their landscaping and home modification plans to the
Design Review Committee (DRC). 

Homeowners of new build construction must submit a landscape plan for their rear and side yards within 180 days from close of escrow.

In addition, any changes to the exterior of your home must be approved by the DRC prior to any work commencing. On this page you will find all the tools you need to apply for a project, including the design review guidelines, application, approved plant palettes and much more.

We have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with all your design and exterior modification submittals.

If you have questions please contact the Design Review Coordinator, Karina Cole
Phone: (702) 260-7939 ext. 2 | Email: [email protected] or by clicking the button below.

Approved Lists

Approved Security Doors Download
Approved Storm Doors Download
Approved Shrub Palette 1 Download
Approved Shrub Palette 2 Download
Approved Tree Palette Download
Approved Accents Download
Approved Residential Ground Cover Download
Approved Vines Download
Prohibited Plant List Download

What Type of Approval do You Need?

The first step in submitting a Design Review Application is determining the type of project for which you will be applying. Type 1 applications are reviewed by association staff. Types 2-5 are reviewed by the Design Review Committee. For some projects, there are pre-approved material lists which offer homeowners expedited approval options. The approved lists are located above. To determine what type of project you will be submitting, please review the category types below.  

  • Type 1
    • Antennas | Basketball goals Pet Fencing/Rabbit Fencing
      Flagpole/Holder Planters and Pots
      Landscape Lighting Step Painting | Trellis
      Minor Landscape Modifications – (Up to 10 plant replacements with material not on approved/prohibited lists) Rolling Security Shutters
      Paint Colors – Repainting with existing approved scheme Screen Doors (from approved list)
      Patio Heater Security Doors (from approved list)
      Pet Door
  • Type 2
    • Awnings Privacy Panel Railings | Retractable Screens
      Concrete Coating | Fountains Skylights | Solar Equipment | Solar Screens
      Gates | Gutters and downspouts Shutters | Window Tinting (side and rear windows only)
      Lighting | Play Equipment Screen Doors | Security Doors
  • Type 3
    • Initial Rear Yard Landscape Mechanical Equipment – ground or roof mounted
      Artificial Turf Outdoor Fireplaces | Patio Cover
      Doors – garage, replacement, patio | Windows Ramadas | Gazebos/Palapas
      Hardscape (concrete, pavers, tile, etc.) Sheds/Storage | Spa (above ground)
      Landscape Easement | Landscape Modifications  
  • Type 4
    • Fencing | Home Addition Patio Enclosure | Porches | Roofs | Walls
      Masonry (other than approved styles/colors) Sport/Game courts | Water Features (built in plumbing)
      Paint Colors (custom - other than approved)
  • Type 5
    • Pool (In ground)
      Spa (In ground)

DRC Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I know?
    • Homeowners have 180 days from the close of escrow to submit plans, obtain approval and complete their initial backyard landscaping.

      Any exterior modification must be submitted and approved prior to installation.

  • Application Types & Pre-Approved Materials
    • Type 1 Applications are reviewed by association staff.

      Type 2 - 5 Applications are reviewed by the Design Review Committee.

      To determine the type of project you would like to submit please review the type categories located on this page. 

      For some projects, there are pre-approved material lists available which offer homeowners expedited approval options. These lists are located on this page in the Approved Lists section. 

  • The Design Review Committee
      • The Design Review Committee consists of 5 homeowners, that have volunteered to be on the Committee
      • The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month; however they also review applications online due to the large number of submittals being made by residents during new home construction
      • The Committee reivews an average of 80-120 applications every month
      • The Committee has 30 days to perform their review from the time that a complete application is received by association staff
  • What's in a complete application?
      • All required pages have been completed and signed by required parties (1, 3-5)
      • A detailed drawing/rendering of the proposed project, (i.e pool, pavers, patrio cover, turf, plants, etc.)
      • A detailed list specifying what materials are to be used, (i.e legend, plants, species & size, pavers, rocks)
      • Payment of the submittal fee and deposit (if applicable). All DRC payments MUST be received as a check, cashiers check or money order made payable to 'Inspirada CA'. A separate payment must be submitted for the deposit (if applicable)
      • Photos of area surrounding the impacted locations, (i.e sidewalk, street, streetscape, common area)
  • Where can I get the Design Review Guidelines and Approved Lists from?
    • You are in the right place, please visit the 'Documents' section near the top of this page. 

      You may also contact the association office to receive the Design Review documents via email. 
  • Process Overview
    • Step 1

      Homeowners determine project type and bring a completed application including: signatures, plans and materials along with payment into the Association office.

      Step 2

      The Design Review Coordinator uploads the completed application into web portal for the Committee to review, they have 30 days to come to a decision.

      Step 3

      Homeowner will be notified via email of the Design Review Committee's decision. Please refer to the Design Review Guidelines to determine the required timeline for completing your project.

      Step 4

      When your project is complete, you will need to submit a 'Project Completion Notice' form to the Design Review Coordinator and send photos of the finished work. If you had a Type 4 or 5 project, you will also need to schedule an inspection with the Design Review Coordinator.

      Step 5

      If you submitted a deposit with your application, the Design Review Coordinator will apply for your deposit refund, after the coordinator has completed the inspection. The refund process can take up to 30 days.

  • What are the types and how much is it going to cost?
    • Type 1

      No Fee
      No Deposit

      Type 2

      $10 Fee
      No Deposit

      Type 3

      $25 Fee
      $100 Deposit

      Type 4

      $50 Fee
      $500 Deposit

      Type 5

      $100 Fee
      $2,000 Deposit

      Design Review fee and deposit are required at the time of submittal. Acceptable forms of payment are CHECK or MONEY ORDER (two separate checks required for types 3-5).

      If the application includes proposed work in more than one category/type, only the highest fee and deposit will apply. Substantial changes to proposed work may require payment of an additional fee.

      The fee is a non-refundable application fee and the deposit is refundable upon staff confirmation of project completion according to plan.

  • How do I know the status of my application?
    • You will be updated of your application status by receiving progress emails.

      Your completed application has been forwarded to the Committee and is available for the members to review and comment.

      The Committee may require additional information pertaining to your project. In order to avoid delays please respond to staff inquires as quickly as possible.
  • Stalled Applications: What does that mean?
    • What can stall an application?

      • An incomplete application - missing information
      • No plans submitted
      • Unclear/non existent plant list
      • Non-payment of the submittal fee and/or deposit
      • Homeowner is unresponsive to information requests
      • Committee requires additional information to complete their review
  • What do the different types of decisions mean?
    • Denied

      Your design plan has been denied by the Committee because it does not adhere to the DRC Guidelines. This status may also be used if an application has been 'stalled' for 30 days or more due to missing information, lack of payment, etc. In this case, you will be required to resubmit your application along with an additional application fee.

      Approved with Conditions

      This is the most common form of approval. You may now begin construction of your improvements; however you must adhere to the conditions that are specified in the approval letter. Common conditions include certain planting setbacks, color specifications or a partial denial of the originally submitted plans.


      Your project has been approved as submitted. You may now begin construction of your improvements according to the originally submitted plans.

  • Common Stipulations
    • Approved with Conditions letter

      • Please be sure to adhere to a minimum 3 foot setback for trees and 2 foot setback for shrubbery, install root barriers for trees and maintain the builder installed drainage patterns.
      • Boulders must be set with at least 1/3 of their height into the ground and should not exceed 30" above ground level.
      • Please be sure to water proof for raised planters.
      • Be sure to maintain builder installed drainage for the proposed location.
      • Pool and deck approved only, also be sure to have pool equipment properly screened from public view. (Plant material must be submitted separately.)
  • I have received my approval letter, now what?
    • Once you have received your Approved or Approved with Conditions letter you may now start to install your project, according to the sipulations, as outlined in your letter.

      Please reference the Design Review Guidelines to notate how long you will have to complete the approved work.

  • Can I change or modify my plans once they have been approved?
    • Please contact the Design Review Coordinator to discuss any changes you wish to make to your approved application. You may be required to resubmit the modified version of your application and design plan.

      Karina Cole
      702-260-7939 x2
      [email protected]

  • What do I do once my project is approved & complete?
    • When your project is complete you will need to submit a 'Project Completion Notice' form to the Design Review Coordinator and send photos of the finished work. 
      If you had a type 4 or 5 project, you will also need to schedule an inspection with the Design Review Coordinator. 

      Inspections (site visits) are done during the hours of 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday
      The homeowners must be present during the inspection.

  • What are we looking for during the inspection?
    • Site Visit

      • Damage done to the common areas, i.e streets, sidewalks, common area landscaping etc.
      • Completed work is the same as the approved project.
      • Pool equipment is properly screened.

      Non-site visit (photo review)

      • The project has been completed per the approved plans.

      You will receive your deposit refund once a final inspection has been completed and approved. Your refund will be mailed out, unless specifically requested otherwise.

  • Did you know?
      • You can install the 9/16 metal mesh gate screening without approval from the DRC! This gate screen must be painted with metal bonding paint and securely fasted to your gate with metal bolts.
      • If you install a satellite dish, the cables must be painted to match the exterior color of your home. Please contact your builder for your paint colors.

  • How can I contact the Design Review Coordinator?
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Contact Design Review Coordinator

Contact Karina Cole
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