• Assessments
    • To accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the association must have operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs and administration, as well as adequate replacement reserve funds for major repairs or replacements for common property. In order to obtain these funds, all members within your community are required to pay assessments to the association.

      The Board of Directors will establish assessment rates each year and adopt the annual budget for your community. The association will notify you of the amount and due date of your specific assessment. If you do not have any information regarding the assessment, please contact us. While we work hard to contain expenses, periodic increases in your assessment may occur to cover the rising costs of operations and maintenance of your community. Keeping in mind that assessments are the primary source of income for community associations, we encourage all members to pay them in a timely manner. Members who do not pay their assessments on time may be subject to various monetary penalties and use restrictions. Please remember that your association can operate only if all members pay their assessments when due. That will allow your association to properly administer and maintain your community.

      Pay Assessments
  • Association Living
    • Welcome to Inspirada! You are now a member of the Inspirada Community Association, and will remain so for as long as you own your home.

      Membership in the association is mandatory and every member receives the same benefits and shares the same responsibilities, as outlined in your community’s governing documents. These include the Declaration, Master Deed or Charter, Design Guidelines and Rules and Regulations.

      As a community association member, you will be required to pay assessments, abide by the community’s rules and regulations and maintain those areas of your home for which you are responsible. You will also enjoy all the benefits your membership provides.

  • Board of Directors
    • All affairs of Inspirada are governed by a Board of Directors. There are currently three Board members appointed by the developer, Inspirada Builders, LLC. and two homeowner Board members. Once Inspirada is 90% built out there will be another election and the developer board will then transition to a full homeowner Board of Directors.

      The Board of Directors is empowered and directed to:

      • Prepare the annual budget for the association
      • Establish the rates of assessments
      • Collect all assessments due to the association 
      • Provide for necessary operational personnel
      • Adopt and amend the community rules
      • Enforce all provisions of the governing documents
      • Keep detailed association accounting records
      • Provide for care and upkeep of the common areas

      The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all common areas and any amenities located within your community. Common areas may include streets, green space, storm water management facilities, parking areas, alleyways, gates, perimeter walls, entry features and recreational amenities. As each neighborhood differs in this regard, please contact us if you have questions about the areas for which your association is responsible.

  • Communications
    • To remain up-to-date of all community events, board and committee meetings, public notifications, and to take advantage of community services, make sure to subscribe to the Inspirada email list. You can do so by requesting a resident login, HERE. Once you register for access to the Inspirada website you can find a full event calendar and community association documents.

  • Community Appearance
    • This is your home, your grounds and your amenities. Please treat them as such by keeping your area clean and well-maintained. We are proud of your community and we want it to look its very best.

  • Courtesy Patrol
    • You are responsible for your own security. You are encouraged to get to know your neighbors and to help watch out for each other. Please report any suspicious persons or activities to your local police department first, then notify the management office or the on-site courtesy patrol at (702) 281-0527

  • Design Review
    • To view the FAQ's pertaining to Design Review, please click HERE. 
  • Disturbances
    • Social gatherings for you and your guests are welcomed and encouraged; however please be aware of your neighbors and contain any noise or behaviors that may become objectionable to them. If you experience a disturbance, please contact the local police and courtesy patrol at 702-281-0527.

  • Garbage Collection
    • Your trash and recycling will be picked up every Tuesday by Republic Services. You may place your receptacles out twelve hours prior to pick-up. Please be sure to return your trash containers to your home storage space on the same day the trash is collected. Always use the appropriate containers that are properly and adequately secured for all of your refuse disposal. Bulk Trash is picked up every other Tuesday. Please do not place bulky items out on unscheduled days. For questions on how to set up service or acceptable items for bulk trash, call Republic Services at 702-735-5151 or visit www.republicservices.com.

  • Members' Insurance
    • Inspirada only insures the common areas of the community. It is vitally important that you contact an insurance agent of your choice to insure those items of your responsibility, which include your personal property and any improvements to your residence. Your association is not responsible for maintaining your personal insurance.

  • Parking
    • To promote safety and minimize inconvenience, please park in your driveway or garage. Your guests should always use street parking and not those areas designated for your neighbors. You should never park in a designated fire lane or block access to any common areas. Recreational, over-sized vehicles, commercial vehicles (other than utility company from parking trucks that may be called out on an emergency) and boats are restricted to 48 hours for loading and unloading only. Disabled or unregistered vehicles may not be parked or stored within your community. For the safety of all, please abide by all posted speed limits and traffic signs within the community. The City of Henderson enforces parking on public streets and the community association enforces parking in alleyways and private roads. If you live on a private road, please review our Private Street Parking and Towing Policy for more details. 

  • Pets
    • The maximum of three domestic pets are allowed per household. If you have any questions regarding pets, please review the association’s Rules and Regulations that can be found HERE or contact the management office. If you have pets, please be considerate by picking up after them and keeping them on a leash when on public property, such as parks and streets. Also, please remember to pick up pet waste from your yard daily.

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